Philip Holz receives his PhD

Congratulations, Philip!

Thesis Title: Towards ion-lattice quantum processors with surface trap arrays





Daniel Heinrich receives his PhD

Congratulations, Daniel!

Thesis Title: Ultrafast Coherent Excitation of a 40Ca+ Ion






Welcome Christian Marciniak

Christian completed his PhD at the University of Sydney, Australia, where he built a Penning trap setup for analog quantum simulation experiments with hundres of qubits in a 2D Coulomb crystal of beryllium ions.

In Innsbruck he is joining the AQTION project where he hopes to deploy his expertise to deliver Europe's first compact trapped-ion quantum computer demonstrator.

Welcome Tuomas Ollikainen

Tuomas completed his PhD in Aalto University, Finland, where he worked on topological excitations in Bose-Einstein condensates. He did part of the PhD work in Amherst College, USA, where he worked on BEC experiments.

In Innsbruck, Tuomas will join the 2D crystals project with the goal of trapping, cooling, and performing experiments on two-dimensional ion crystals.

Rainer Blatt erhielt Ehren­­dokto­rat der Univer­sität Ma­drid

Für seine wissenschaftlichen Leistungen auf dem Gebiet der Quantenphysik erhielt der Experimentalphysiker Rainer Blatt am Freitag in Madrid ein Ehrendoktorat der Universität Complutense Madrid. Bereits am Mittwoch wurde Blatt als ausländisches Mitglied in die Spanische Akademie der Wissenschaften aufgenommen.

Welcome Benjamin Wilhelm

Benjamin joined our group as a master student. He will join the SQIP team for setting up a Raman laser system

Entanglement sent over 50 km of optical fiber

For the first time, the PhiNet team has sent a light particle entangled with matter over 50 km of optical fiber. This paves the way for the practical use of quantum networks and sets a milestone for a future quantum internet.