Petar Jurcevic receives his PhD

Congratulations, Petar!

 Thesis Title: Quantum Computation and Many-Body
Physics with Trapped Ions





Welcome Slava Uryumtsev

Slava has joined the group as a software developer for the new experiment control software TrICS. He is a student from the University of British Columbia, Canada, and will work with us for the next eight months.





Welcome Pau Mestres

Pau has joined Tracy's Nanospheres and Ions project as a PostDoc. He has done his PhD at ICFO on optical trapping and cavity optomechanics. Here in Innsbruck, he will work on the construction of a ion-trap and cavity setup for co-trapping ions and nanospheres.




Christian Roos receives ERC Advanced Grant

Christian Roos, experimental physicist at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, has received one of the Advanced Grants conferred by the European Research Council (ERC). The grant provides Roos and his research team at the IQOQI with up to 2.5 million Euro for the next five years to build a new type of quantum simulator.

Welcome Lorenzo Dania

Lorenzo has joined the new Nanospheres + Ions group of Tracy E. Northup as an external master student. He did his undergraduate studies at the Università di Pisa and in his master project he will work on co-trapping an ion and a nanosphere in the same trap.



Welcome Gerald Stocker

Gerald Stocker has started the work on his master thesis in the group. In a collaboration with Infineon Villach, his project will focus on surface trap fabrication. In the group, he is part of the Cryo Trap and 2D Arrays team.




Welcome Tetsu Takekoshi

Tetsu Takekoshi has joined the group as a PostDoc.

Tetsu has done his PhD at the University of Southern California on quasi-electrostatic trapping of neutral atoms. His most recent position was a PostDoc in the cold atoms group of our institute. He will now work in the eQual team on scalable quantum information processing.