This page lists our recent preprints. Links to preprint versions of published articles can be found on the Journal articles page.

  • "Observation of superconductivity and surface noise using a single trapped ion as a field probe"
    K. Lakhmanskiy, P. C. Holz, D. Schärtl, B. Ames, R. Assouly, T. Monz, Y. Colombe, R. Blatt
  • "Quantum chemistry calculations on a trapped-ion quantum simulator"
    Cornelius Hempel, Christine Maier, Jonathan Romero, Jarrod McClean, Thomas Monz, Heng Shen, Petar Jurcevic, Ben Lanyon, Peter Love, Ryan Babbush, Alan Aspuru-Guzik, Rainer Blatt, Christian Roos
  • "Reaching the optomechanical strong coupling regime with a single atom in a cavity"
    L. Neumeier, T. E. Northup, D. E. Chang