This page lists our recent preprints. Links to preprint versions of published articles can be found on the Journal articles page.

  • "Statistical correlations between locally randomized measurements: a toolbox for probing entanglement in many-body quantum states"
    A. Elben, B. Vermersch, C. F. Roos, P. Zoller
  • "Ion-based nondestructive sensor for cavity photon numbers"
    M. Lee, K. Friebe, D. A. Fioretto, K. Schüppert, F. R. Ong, D. Plankensteiner, V. Torggler, H. Ritsch, R. Blatt, T. E. Northup
  • "Self-Verifying Variational Quantum Simulation of the Lattice Schwinger Model"
    C. Kokail, C. Maier, R. van Bijnen, T. Brydges, M. K. Joshi, P. Jurcevic, C. A. Muschik, P. Silvi, R. Blatt, C. F. Roos, P. Zoller
  • "Environment-assisted quantum transport in a 10-qubit network"
    C. Maier, T. Brydges, P. Jurcevic, N. Trautmann, C. Hempel, B. P. Lanyon, P. Hauke, R. Blatt and C. F. Roos
  • "Probing entanglement entropy via randomized measurements"
    T. Brydges, A. Elben, P. Jurcevic, B. Vermersch, C. Maier, B. P. Lanyon, P. Zoller, R. Blatt and C. F. Roos
  • "Observation of superconductivity and surface noise using a single trapped ion as a field probe"
    K. Lakhmanskiy, P. C. Holz, D. Schärtl, B. Ames, R. Assouly, T. Monz, Y. Colombe, R. Blatt

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