Welcome Benjamin Wilhelm

Benjamin joined our group as a master student. He will join the SQIP team for setting up a Raman laser system

Entanglement sent over 50 km of optical fiber

For the first time, the PhiNet team has sent a light particle entangled with matter over 50 km of optical fiber. This paves the way for the practical use of quantum networks and sets a milestone for a future quantum internet.

Welcome Thomas Feldker

Thomas joined our group as a postdoc. After studying physics in Darmstadt he did his PhD in Mainz, working on Rydberg excitation of trapped ions. Later he lived in Amsterdam where he worked on cooling a hybrid system of trapped ions and cold atoms to ultracold temperatures.
He will join the AQTION project aimed at building a movable quantum computer in two 19'' cabinets.

Gabriel Araneda receives his PhD

Congratulations, Gabriel!

Thesis Titled: Experiments with single photons emitted by single atoms





Matthias Knoll receives his Masters

Congratulations, Matthias!

Thesis Titled: Parametric feedback cooling of silica nanosphers in a hybrid trapping potential




Welcome Verena Podlesnic

Verena joined our group as a Masters student, and she will work on the AQTION project about building a movable quantum processor contained in two 19' racks.

ESQ Grants have been awarded

Klemens Schüppert and Giovanni Cerchiari of our group received Erwin Schrödinger Center for Quantum Science & Technology (ESQ) Grants.

Giovanni's project will focus on the suppression of spontaneous emission of an atom by coupling its fluorescence light with an ultra-precise hemispherical mirror.

Klemens investigates new scalable ion trap technology based on the challenging exchange of RF- and DC-electrodes of a trap within the coherence time.

Link: Austrian Academy of Sciences

Welcome Johannes Franke

Johannes joined our group as a Masters student, and he will work on the 2d crystals project