Quantum calculations usually have to be completed within the coherence time of the corresponding qubit. Current phase gates in ion qubits are limited in length by the trap frequency and take at least several microseconds to complete. This means it is only possible to complete hundreds of gates within the coherence time. We want to implement a different approach that is independent of the trap frequency and relies on short, counter propagating pulse pairs [1].

Photosphere of the Ultrafast/Precision lab

Project Members

Daniel Heinrich, Milena Guevara-Bertsch, Mahmood Irtiza Hussain, Christian Roos, Rainer Blatt

Former Project Members

Óscar Andrey Herrera, Michael Guggemos


[1] J. J. García-Ripoll, P. Zoller, and J. I. Cirac. “Speed Optimized Two-Qubit Gates with Laser Coherent Control Techniques for Ion Trap Quantum Computing”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 157901 (2003).