Welcome Mahmood Irtiza Hussain!

Irtiza has joined the group as a post-doc. He received his Ph.D. from Griffith University, Australia, where he worked on engineering and integration of a high repetition rate, picosecond UV laser source with trapped ions for fast quantum logic operations. He will work as a postdoc in the ultrafast and precision lab.

Welcome Pavel Hrmo

Pavel has joined the group as a post-doc. He did his Ph.D. at Imperial College London, Great Britain, where he worked on quantum dynamics of ions in a Penning trap. He will work as a postdoc in the quantum information team.

Error-free into the age of quantum computation

Manuscript published in Physical Review X! The paper shows that trapped ion technology available today is suitable to build large-scale quantum computers. Protocols tailored to a trapped-ion quantum processor have been developed which allow to detect errors and correct for them.

Welcome Matthias Knoll!

Matthias Knoll has joined Tracy's Nanospheres And Ions team as a master student. He will be working on the implementation of a feedback system for cooling nanoparticles in optical traps.

Michael Guggemos receives his PhD

Congratulations, Michael!

 Thesis Tile: Precision spectroscopy with trapped 40Ca+ and 27Al+ ions





Welcome Christoph Steinlechner

Christoph Steinlechner has now joined the Quantum Simulation team as master student. He will be working on designing single-ion addressing optics.

Revealing quantum statistics with a pair of distant atoms

Paper in PRL published! We devise schemes for demonstrating the symmetrization postulate for indistinguishability in the most elementary form. In particular, we show how to directly measure the phase that two identical trapped ions or neutral atoms acquire when exchanged using a Ramsey-like two-atom interference experiment.

Welcome Lisa Schmöger!

Lisa Schmöger has finished her PhD on the use of cold highly-charged ions for metrology and fundamental physics at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg. Here in Innsbruck, she has joined Tracy's Nanospheres & Ions team.