Obergurgl meeting 2019


Dates: Sunday 8th - Thursday 12th September


We are pleased to announce the annual retreat meeting, which, as tradition, will take place in Obergurgl at the end of the wonderful Ötztal. A perfect location to discuss our scientific topics surrounded by the relaxing atmosphere offered by the valley.



To foster the best discussions, PhD students are particularly encouraged to contribute with a presentation. In addition to the presentation sessions we will have one meet the experiment session on the last evening.

Presentation. A third of the presentation time should be reserved for discussion. The chairs of the sessions are invited to enforce this rule by pre-starting the questions from the audience, using any funny visual or auditory gadget at their disposal, etc. Discussion is essential, so expect interruption during the presentation itself. Consider your audience and avoid repetitions. For example, do not repeat the tutorial content. Instead, explain with simple and clear ideas what makes your experiment special among others and avoid loosing the golden thread in technical details. If consecutive presentations discuss the same experiment we also encourage you to reduce the amount of redundant information.

Meet the experiment. With an abundance of interesting presentations and little time some questions may remain unanswered. Therefore, we promote a session dedicated to more personalized discussions. Find the experts and stop for a chat to clear your doubts or inspire your curiosity. For this session, each experiment should provide one person responsible for preparing some material for discussions. The material is not specified, it could be a poster, some printout etc. The responsible person should also organize appropriate shifts with the people involved in her/his experiment to give everyone the opportunity of meeting all the experiments.



The meeting schedule is presented in the schedule spreadsheet.


Hiking tour

This year the group hike will be organized by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will hike on Wednesday and enjoy together the spectacular view offered by the valley at 2000 or 3000 m altitude. Participation is not optional ;). The precise route has not been fully decided yet, but chances are that a cable car ride will be part of the trip. If you own a "Tirol Freizeit Ticket", bring it along, it will save taxpayers' money!

Whatever the precise itinerary, expect a steep, rocky, and maybe slippery mountain terrain. Hence bring good hiking shoes (not just simple sports shoes), and optionally hiking poles if you find them helpful. The starting altitude will be 2000 m and we may go up to 3000 m, so you must be prepared for any weather condition (sunny, hot, cold, rainy, snowy ...) and also for any sudden weather change. It is essential to carry at least a rain jacket and warm clothes, even if the morning looks shiny, warm and cheerful. Snow would not be unusual at that altitude and time of the year. Having on hand a pair of gloves, a scarf and a woolen hat will certainly not be regarded as incongruous (people may even be jealous!). We recommend to bring a light backpack to carry all these clothes together with the lunch-bag which will be provided by the conference center before we leave. A small water-bottle (0.5 L) usually comes with the lunch-bag; we would however recommend to bring an extra bottle in case it's not enough.



You can reach Obergurgl by

  • public transport (train + bus). You may join the group ticket (UIBK only), see below.
  • by car. For car-sharing (not reimbursed), see the Travel spreadsheet.

There is a group ticket organized for the UIBK participants. If you wish to join, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until Friday 06.09 evening with the following information:

  1. do you join for the way in (Sunday morning)?
  2. do you join for the way back (Thursday in the early afternoon)?
  3. do you have a Vorteilscard? If so, please give its number and expiration date.

Note that the Obergurgl bus station is going through some renovation work. The bus will stop at the beginning of the village (stop "Hotel Hochfirst"), which is an additional 250 m walk.

Sunday, Sept. 8: Meeting at 08:40 on level -1 of Innsbruck main station.

  1. Innsbruck Hbf - Ötztal Bahnhof: 08:54 - 09:24. Train IC 118.
  2. Ötztal Bahnhof - Obergurgl (stop "Hotel Hochfirst"): 09:45 - 11:10. Bus 8352.

Thursday, Sept. 12: Meeting at 13:20 in the lobby of the UZO.

  1. Obergurgl (stop "Hotel Hochfirst") - Ötztal Bahnhof: 13:46 - 15:13. Bus 4194.
  2. Ötztal Bahnhof - Innsbruck Hbf: 15:31 - 16:06. Train REX 5393.

If you need to take public transport at other times, you can check the following links:

  1. ÖBB timetables (train).
  2. Bus planner. Enter Ötztal Bahnhof and Obergurgl as departure and destination.
  3. Bus timetable (be sure to check if your bus rides on the day you want).


Registration to the Obergurgl meeting

Registration is now closed.

      • Write to the organizers in case you missed the registration deadline.
      • If you did not specify your preference at registration, do not worry, a room will be assigned by the organizers.

Complete the following steps for registration:

      1. Fill and submit the registration form. The presentation title, the name of the experiment and the subject area of your contribution will be asked. Read the schedule to know if your contribution has been accepted and when your presentation will be. We will circulate internally the participants list to confirm the registrations.
      2. Enter your name in one of the colored cells of the room preference spreadsheet. The organizers reserve the right to modify the spreadsheet before the event without further notice. 
      3. (for UIBK participants): UIBK participants may register for the group ticket, see "Travel" above. For car-sharing (not reimbursed) see the Travel spreadsheet. If you want to offer a ride add your name as driver/owner.



For general questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Participants affiliated with ETH Zürich may ask Christopher Axline first.


Meeting venue

University of Innsbruck
University Center Obergurgl
Gaisbergweg 5 6456 Obergurgl Tirol - Austria
T +43 (512) 507 37 201
F +43 (512) 507 37 400
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Open Positions

We are currently looking for Bachelor students, Master students, Ph.D. students, and post-docs.
If you are interested in joining our group, do not hesitate to apply!